I'm a freelance
Digital designer
& Frontend developer
I really enjoy the
creative process!
& I love coffee
fun fact
I believe there is
& Would love to own a T-rex pet
My name is

I'm a Digital designer, Frontend developer, an overall creative. With ten plus years at different digital agencies I can bring something unique to each project.

In a nut-shell, I’m a designer in a programmer’s skin, or .. a programmer in a designers skin? anyway .. I love what I do.

I create neat animated, interactive websites and web-apps.
I can help you Design & Build your website, app of webapp from scratch, or just redesign and add some cool UI effects & Animations.

I also enjoy UX & UI design. Bringing the idea to life, creating a solution to a problem. I Design page mock-ups on Sketch or Figma and create basic prototypes. Collaborating with developers to design solutions when needed, with my frontend skills in mind, I am good with communicating my idea and I am well aware of what is possible in code.
I am usually working with agencies, startups, brands, associations and other freelancers. I have already worked with renowned clients such as: Sony mobile, Heineken, KNVB, Vodafone, Sky-team, BMW, RAYSOL, Greenpeace.
Let's go bananas
This is me
Mara Kok
Education: Middlesex University - 2009 Bachelor Multimedia arts, multimedia engineering
I am from Amsterdam and
I love, what
I do.

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